Senior’s moments…

Before I have one of those…?

Ah yes!

Senior’s moments!

senior moments

It’s about this picture Dennis Lagasse IV sent me last year.

Dennis Lagasse wedding picture

I was wondering who was who. While I was sitting with Donna at Joe’s place on a Wednesday morning, it suddenly dawned on me…

Of course this is Odna, Donna’s grandmother, with her first daughter Helen born in 1918.

Odna Lagasse at the wedding

With this finding, I think I have finally found who was the wedding couple and when that picture was taken!

Now do you remember why I have been writing so much since 2009 about our ancestors?

Click on this picture.

Bertha Lagasse

2 thoughts on “Senior’s moments…

  1. The more I look at the wedding picture the more I know it’s Odna. Looks just like her. Thank you for all of this, it’s great and it was wonderful to spend a little time with you last week.

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