Agnes Lagaser – Wife of Leon Saucier

My blog is really like a TV Reality Show.

I seldom plan anything in advance as I start writing about something I found about your ancestors or mine.

You have to trust me on this.

Trust is everything in life.

This was the first headstone Joe saw entering St. Joseph Church Cemetery in Bristol, Connecticut. 


Honest to God!

I had not noticed that headstone at first.

Agnes Lagasse

We were just going there to find French-Canadian names on headstones which is our favorite pastime.

The name Agnes Lagaser on that headstone sounded familiar. Could it be a long lost relative of mine?

So back at Joe’s place we looked for Leon Saucier in the 1900 U.S. Census.

Lo and behold!

1900 Leon Saucier family

Leon Saucier was there with Agnes and her two sons, Arthur Myers and Henry Myers. Olive Saucier, most probably Leon’s daughter he had with his first wife, was also part of that family.

1900 Saucier family

A whole bunch of Lagasses lived also in the same neighborhood. 

Just trust me on this.

My great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II with Henriette Alexandre, Harriet in the 1900 census, were there with my grandfather Leo, 11 years old, at school, and his brother Adélard (Adlore) working at New Departure in the electro plating department.

famille Lagacé 1900

But getting back to the Saucier family…

Back from my genealogical expedition in Connecticut, I was able to find more information on one of Agnes’s son: Arthur Joseph Myers’ marriage with Eva Rock in 1915.

marriage Myers Rock

This new artefact opened up a new door…

Pique by curiosity, I just had to peek inside.