I Do!

Of course he does.

Ron Depatie, a loyal reader, said I do in a comment.

He knew right off the bat that I would have written about that headstone anyway.

Agnes Lagasse

What Ron does not know is how I found that headstone and the link to the Red Sox.



My third cousin Joe is a Red Sox fan and he is the one who took me on a little sightseeing tour of St. Joseph Church Cemetery in Bristol, Connecticut.

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What Ron does not know also is that Agnes Lagaser is in fact this man’s sister, my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé.

Dennis Lagasse II

B Strong…

Agnes was Dennis Lagasse’s little sister seen here in the 1852 Canadian Census.

1852 famille Stanislas Lagacé

I knew Agnes had married Julian Myers (aka Julien Lemaire).

marriage Julien Myers Agnes Lagasse

But I did not know Agnes had remarried after Julian died in 1886.

This genealogical finding opens new doors to find that elusive picture I am looking for of Henriette Alexandre who was Marguerite Alexandre’s sister seen here on this picture from Joe’s collection of old pictures.

Marguerite Alexandre

So without further ado, I will start looking for descendants of Agnes and maybe find someone who has old pictures of people he or she does not have the faintest idea who they are.


4 thoughts on “I Do!

    • With French-Canadian names, you would see so many variations.
      Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagassee, Lagassey, Legasse,…

      Lagaser was the first time I saw it spelled that way.

      I knew Agnes Lagacé was my great-grandfather’s sister, but I knew not that much about her after 1852!

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