Hi Gary… Redux One More Time

Dating an old picture is a most interesting exercise.

Gary wants to know when this picture was taken.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

I think I have found most of Leocadie Neveu’s and Joseph Girard’s children…

Mary L Girard 1868 –

Alfred Girard 1869 –

Rose Gerard 1872 –

Julius Girard 1873 –

Maggie Girard 1875 –

Edward J Gerard 1877 –

Jenny Girard 1879 – 1903

Josephine Gerard 1881 –

Mathilda Girard 1883 –

James Gerard 1885 –

Ella Gerard 1887 –

Sophronia Gerard 1889 –

Mary Girard 1891

Three children are not on the family picture leaving only James as the youngest one.

James, born around 1885 according to a census, would be the little boy on his mother’s lap. He looks to be only a few months old. 

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

With this clue, that picture must have been taken around 1886.

Leocadie, born June 15th, 1851 would be 35 years old and she was probably pregnant with Ella. 

If I remember correctly Gary told me in a comment he had a picture of Ella, his ancestor.

That would be great to see it.


After finishing my story, I went on Family Search just for fun.

I believe this could be James Gerard on Family Search. His birthdate is February 3rd, 1885.

So this picture would have beeb taken in the fall of 1885 in West Bay City, Michigan.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu