Hi Gary…Redux

It always pays to write back. Gary wants more info on this picture of Maxime Neveu and Scholastique Lauzon with their daughter Leocadie Neveu and her husband Joseph Girard.

Family of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

For all I know these are Leocadie and Joseph’s 13 children:

Mary L Girard 1868 –

Alfred Girard 1869 –

Rose Gerard 1872 –

Julius Girard 1873 –

Maggie Girard 1875 –

Edward J Gerard 1877 –

Jenny Girard 1879 – 1903

Josephine Gerard 1881 –

Mathilda Girard 1883 –

James Gerard 1885 –

Ella Gerard 1887 –

Sophronia Gerard 1889 –

Mary Girard 1891

I don’t have more pictures about that family except a picture of Jenny.

Jenny Girard

Jenny married this man, Dolphis Lalonde.

Dolphis Lalonde

I wrote about Jenny and Dolphis on this post. Jenny (1879-1903) had two children, Bertranda and Clarence Arthur (1902-1956). Dolphis (1875-1972) remarried with Mary Anne Plourde. I found at least one child, Francis Leo Lalonde (1909-1980).

How to go about identifying who is who on that picture?

Elementary my dear Watson…