The Young Lady in the White Dress Redux

I had this in my inbox this morning.

Good morning  

While going through my mother’s things, I found an original print of this picture with the caption Lagassey family taken in 1912 on the back.

Wasn’t sure if in your search you had the date of this picture. 



picture from Dennis 1.1

I did not have any date!

Now we know how old everyone was on that picture.

Odna was 19 in 1912. Dennis Lagassey III was 48 and Amanda Ménard was 45.

Is that important to date a picture? I think so.

Donna is the same reader who had written a few months ago this comment on this blog…

Here name is definitely Odna, not Edna.
In the picture you sent she is in the second row on the right.
The young lady in the white dress.
One of her sisters was named Mary and the youngest was Antoinette “Toni”.
Those are the two I remember knowing in my youth.

Donna opened so many new doors in our search for Our Ancestors.



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