Knittin’ and sittin’ on Resurrection

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Sometimes I’m knittin’.  And sometimes I’m sittin’.  But anytime I’m home, I’m on Resurrection Road.  I’ve never seen a roadway of any kind named Resurrection, and it’s a little bit unnerving to live on such an unusual road name.  What could have possessed the powers that be to name a road Resurrection?

I’ve lived here about a year.  It’s quiet, most of the time, and it’s remote.  There are lots of trees here, and some wildlife.    I own a small plot of land, rectangular in shape, about an acre and a half that is fronted with roads on three sides.  If you were to draw the lot on paper, the rectangle is lying on its side, with the west and south sides bordered by Resurrection.  The east side is bordered by another road, which is the main road.  My entire lot is wooded with pines, sweet gums, maples, and wax…

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5 thoughts on “Knittin’ and sittin’ on Resurrection

  1. Ah Pierre!
    You find some neat posts!
    This person certainly has a way with words……….
    I like it!
    Reminds us how little we need of the all of the “stuff” we have.
    Simplicity and peacefulness!

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