Sandy’s Contribution

I know I have a lot of favorite third cousins down South, but Sandy is at the top of the list with my third cousin Joe breathing down her neck.

Sandy’s middle name has to be Discretion…

She discretely added some information on my Ancestry family tree. I know she must have told me about it, but I kind of forgot since she is such a discrete person.


Marie-Anne Lagassa (Lagasse) married Herman Farmer on November 8 1880 in Waterbury, Vermont.

1880 marriage Mary Lagassa

Marie-Anne was still living with Stanislas Lagacé 1816 when the 1880 U.S. Census was taken.

1880 MaryLagassa

Censuses are so fascinating because of all the information you can find. Like Agnes Lagasse, Stanislas 1816’s other daughter, who married Julian Myers.

They are next-door neighbors and these two are next on the list for my next search!

1880 Agnes Lagassa

And I wanted to take a break this summer on this blog…

Maybe this fall… or when snow starts falling in Quebec.