Stanis Lagassey’s Log Cabin

No picture of the one-story log cabin, but the 1861 Census is showing that Stanislas Lagacé (1816-1900) was living in a log cabin with his little family.

I will make you believe that this is his log cabin even though this is a two-story log cabin…


Why can’t I make you believe that my great-great-grandfather lived in this log cabin?

I can rewrite history like the Port Huron Museum did with Mitchell Lagassa’s log cabin.

This is a page taken from the 1861 Canadian Census in Missiquoi County before Canada was even born (1867).

1861 Stanis Lagassey

This is a real document taken on this Website. It’s the first time it is available on the Internet.

Pure gold!

Stanislas Lagacé, who was a farmer in Stanbridge, has his name entered as Stanis Lagassey. But I know this is my great-great-grandfather. He is 46 years old and he is living with his wife Onésime Cadieux whose given name is Elisebeth. I can’t figure that one out. I don’t think my great-great-grandfather had two wives.

Maybe he did after all…

No that’s impossible because I would have found it!

Anyway the Lagassey family is all there in 1861.

Philomène, 20, who married J. B. Alexandre Senior…

Philomène Lagacé

Dennis, 19, my great-grandfather…

Dennis Lagasse II

Peter, 17, who married Mathilde Leblanc. She died from cholera in 1884.

Pierre Lagasse

Elmira, 15…

Joseph, 13, who is Joseph Miller Lagasse. He married Edwina Newcity… and he died when he was 99 years-old.

Joseph Lagasse and Edwina Newcity

Agnes, 9…

Lewis, 8, who is Louis Lagasse. He married Rose Myers…

Anthony, 6, who would die on March 6, 1861…

Exivia, 3, who was François-Xavier. He married Sophie Archambault…

Sophie Archambeault

Only one chill is missing. Marie-Anne born on December 15, 1862.

I never talked that much about her. Maybe I should and help someone get reunited with his ancestors.

What do you think?