Mitchell Lagassa’s Cabin… The Sequel

Dan Hebert added this piece of information last night on Facebook…

Michael was born in May of 1854 and on 2 Dec 1878 he married Margaret Chauvin. In a small book titled the History of Grindstone City, the author wrote that when Michael and Margaret were married, he and his father and other family members built a log cabin as a wedding gift. 

Between 1879 and 1888 Michael & Margaret had four children. In the great fire of 1880 many homes in Huron county were destroyed by the forest fire Michael and Margaret’s cabin survived and several of the Lagassa family members lived with Michael and Margaret while they rebuilt. 

I have noticed that many documents interchange the name Michael’s with Mitchell’s , so you really need to understand the context the name is used. Mitchell Lagassa is the one who built the cabin.


Open-and-shut case…

Grindstone City?