Yes, cabin…


Dan Hebert posted this log cabin picture on Facebook with this message for all to read.

In Huron City, Michigan there is a log cabin built by the Mitchell Lagassa Family. The museum claims that the cabin was built by Mitchell and Delia in 1837 when they first got married and raised their 17 children — This is not correct the cabin was built for Mitchell son Michael & Margaret 1878. In 1880 a major wild fire burned out many families. Several of the Lagassa family members had to live with Michael and Margaret while they rebuilt their homes — I think this is where the 17 children count comes from.. In side the Log cabin are two pictures that claim to be Mitchell and Delia — So if you are ever in Huron City — Stop by and take a look. 

He took it from this Website.


Log Cabin

The cabin is the oldest building in Huron City. Mitchell and Delia LaGassa built the cabin in 1837, the year they were married. The LaGassa’s raised their seventeen children and celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in this cabin

The problem is that Mitchell Lagassa aka Michel Lagacé and Delia were not marriedin 1837. They got married in 1840 and they were not living in Michigan.

Dan told this to the people managing the museum.

I wrote the museum organizer and explain why his information was incorrect, but he chose not to correct it.. his version sounds better I guess.

I guess we don’t have to write the museum organizer again about all the research we have done on that branch of Lagacés.

Mitchell and John LaGasa

 Guess not…