James Arthur LaGasa

U.S. Marine Corps

Enlisted October 1942

Bob Barrette had that information on his family tree about Arthur LaGasa’s son.

I got curious.

James A Lagasa
Muster Date: October 1942
Enlistment Date: 13 October 1942
Rank: Private First Class
Station: Platoon Leaders Unit, 13th Reserve District, Mb, Psnyd, Bremerton, Wash.

James Arthur LaGasa, 15 years-old, was living with his father in Cordova, Alaska, in 1940. November 11th, 1939 according to this document.

1940 Arthur J LaGasa

He was with his father in 1938 when the Polar Bear had problems.

Blown ashore after suffering engine trouble and hitting a reef. CG cutter Morris found crew of Capt. A.J. LaGasa, J.A. LaGasa, Alex Woche, and Paul Anderson camped on beach. This was the Polar Bear’s first trip after being raised after hitting a reef and sinking off Kodiak in 1935. The Morris tried to convoy the Polar Bear to Cape Spencer, but, when 30 mi out to sea, the wooden propeller that LaGasa had whittled from a tree dropped off, the Morris was forced to tow the Polar Bear to Sawmill Bay where it awaited a two-blade, 40″ steel metal prop built by Jack English at the machine shop

James Arthur LaGasa became a U.S. Marine in 1942.

We have no picture nor stories to share.

J. A. LaGasa died at the age of 42 in 1966, the same year as his father Captain Arthur J. LaGasa, leaving no descendants to remember him. 

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25