Catch Me if You Can…

This is what this woman seems to tell us.

Eliza Jane Wilson

Catch me if you can…

She is Grandpa Lagasa’s mother.

At least that’s what is written on the back.

back of picture

This is the clue we are working with.

If we only knew who wrote this.

I believe that’s a woman’s handwriting, but I could be wrong.

My third cousin Sandy, who is an expert in woman’s clothing, told me that Grandpa Lagasa’s mother is wearing 1880s style clothing.

Sandy and I make a great team, and she has been helping me a lot. She had a lot of old pictures to share with me back in 2010 and some of these people are still to be identified.

Like this beautiful young woman from Bristol, Connecticut who is still unidentified. 

unknown young lady

Getting back to this older woman…

Eliza Jane Wilson


She looks to be in her early 60s or her late 50s.

1880s – 60 = 1820s

Delia Roche was born in 1823. She married Mitchell Lagassa aka Michel Lagacé. Delia was the mother of Joseph Lagasa seen here with his children and his wife Eliza Jane Wilson.

Joseph LaGasa

At first I thought she was Eliza or her daughter Annie Lagassa on the picture.


The caption and the faces did not match even with a lot of imagination on my part.

I think one of John Benjamin Lagasa’s children wrote the caption, either Elva, Esther, John B. Jr., or Mary Jane.

back of picture


Final answer?

grandpa Lagasa's mother What do you think?