Who Cares About Our Ancestors?

I hope Keoni LaGasa does.

Reuniting virtually with a distant relative up North of the border, that’s the fun part. Finding you have French-Canadian roots is also fun.

I never visited Port Huron in Michigan where we have found one of Koeni’s ancestors. Never heard of it for that matter.

I am sure Koeni never visited Ste-Anne-des-Plaines where I live, and I am pretty sure he had never heard of this place before, not even the province of Quebec. Maybe Canada…?

Canadian flag

Mitchell Lagassa had time to visit Port Huron.

He emigrated in the U.S. in 1836 if the 1900 U.S. Census is right about it. Censuses are not always a reliable source.

The same for Ancestry hints.

I am pretty sure Mitchell did not go to Michigan in 1836.

1900 Mitchell Lagasa and Delia Rock

Delia Roch or Roche or is it Larocque or Desrochers… emigrated in 1839. Mitchell Lagassa and Delia Roche must have felt madly in love because they got married on July 3rd, 1841 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.

Their first child was born on March 7, 1841 if this document is correct. Joseph LaGasa is said to have been born in Michigan, but I doubt it. It’s a long and winding road from Michigan to Massachusetts and back to Port Huron with an infant.

Joseph Lagasa 1841-1920

Sometimes documents are not foolproof. Was Joseph Lagassa born out of wedlock 4 months before his parents’ marriage? and in Michigan?

It does not really matter in 2013 when and where Joseph Lagassa was born and we should not jump to conclusions when we try to get everything right about someone’s life.

Getting back to what began all this frenzy, we are now able to identify these people.

identification Lagassa family

 The search still goes on for this woman.

Eliza Jane Wilson

Catch me if you can…

And now for this man…

unknown maybe Joe

In the Navy…

So who cares about Our Ancestors?