Of Course It Does Matter

Suzan commented on yesterday’s post in response to a reader.

You didn’t smile in pictures back then. It was a BIG event to have your picture taken and you didn’t play around (smile) and you wore your best or borrowed clothing at the studio. I do believe that is Elva. Her great-grandson inherited those eyes and her great-great-grandson too.

Does it matter if the little girl in the red circle is Elva Lagassa or not?

Elva Lagassa in family picture

It does because if she is Elva, then this is her big brother Arthur J. Lagassa.

Arthur J Lagassa

This is Arthur J. Lagasa’s obituary.

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25

So much information like what I found in Dennis Lagasse III’s obituary.


Susan have been contributing a lot since Wednesday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did I say a lot?

These pictures are only the tip of  the iceberg.

Speaking of icebergs, you should see Bob Barrette’s family tree on Ancestry.

Footnote to this post…

I wanted to take a breather on this blog for the rest of summer. I think I was caught by surprise when I visited Bob’s Facebook page and read Keoni LaGasa’s request for information on his ancestors.

Guess I got carried away.

3 thoughts on “Of Course It Does Matter

  1. You getting carried away gives us fabulous stories to read. Your contributors have given you a lot of data to put together and you’re doing a great job – so what’s this about taking it easy? You have a job to do!!

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