The Frenzy

Amateur genealogists are like piranhas.


When they see old pictures they become insatiable and they can’t help finding who was who like on this picture posted on Facebook by a descendant of the man with the long beard.

Joseph LaGasa

 I don’t know if you tried to identify them yesterday.  

I did not although I was able to link these people to this man, André Mignier.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

Joseph Lagassa

I have learned a lot since I started getting interested about genealogy and my Sauvé ancestors in 2007.

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This is how my frenzy about Odna Lagasse began in 2010.

A picture of people is East Bristol, Connecticut.

Victor Philippe Lagasse

A family picture sent by the mother of someone who had his family tree on My Heritage Website. His mother knew a little who was on that picture.

This is the original scan.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Little Germaine Lagasse, the daughter of Victor Philippe Lagasse and Alice D. Myers, is in front. She is probably the one wrote the captions. From there I started to search for who were the others on that picture.

Curiously Odna Lagasse was not on it.

Levi was Levi Napoleon Lagasse.

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Aunt Ida was Ida Lagasse.

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Pepere was Dennis Lagassey III.

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Pepere died in 1922.


That obituary written in 1922 was my Rosetta Stone.

It’s where I first found Edna Ritchie from New Britain.

I got a tad curious…

Donna told me in 2013 Edna Lagasse Ritchie’s given name was Odna when she wrote a comment on the post I wrote about Odna’s two sons who died in WWII.

William Ritchie and Robert Ritchie

Since then Donna has been contributing to this blog…

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This is her latest contribution.

Odna & Frank 1913

Odna Lagasse and Frank Ritchie in 1913

Frank and Odna Marriage

Odna’s and Frank’s marriage certificate
17 January 1917

She also sent me this from which I wrote this post on August 6th, 2013.

So now you understand why I did not try to find who was who on this picture.

Joseph LaGasa

Joseph Lagassa’s and Eliza Jane Wilson’s family