The Tip of the Iceberg

As I said yesterday I got carried away just a little when someone had asked for help about his ancestors on Bob Barrette’s Facebook Group page on the Lagasse Family.

 I could not resist.

I won’t tell you I tried. I did not.

This man on this picture is Joseph Lagassa. His real name is Joseph Lagassé or Lagacé.

Joseph LaGasa

The name does not matter because Joseph Lagassa is a proud descendant of André Mignier.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

Not all Lagacés are descendants of André Mignier, but that another long story that you can find on this blog if you have enough time to read all the posts I have written about our ancestors since 2009.

André Mignier had many descendants and most people ignore that fact in the U.S.

People with the surname Lagassé, Lagacé, Lagassey, Legacy, Mignier, Minier, Meunier, etc… don’t have the faintess idea how to link to their ancestor who was a soldier in the Carignan Salières Regiment.

I know I should stop writing about our ancestors, but I won’t tell you I will try, I will not.

So to make this story short, Joseph Lagassa married Eliza Jane Wilson. That I am almost sure of but in genealogy you can easily make a fool of yourself and find the wrong descendants.

Anyway I like to say that if I don’t try, nothing will be found.

Joseph and Eliza had these children.

Frank James Lagasa 1867 – 1932
Annie Lagasa 1870 –
Joseph LaGasa 1873 – 1944
Mitchell James Lagasa 1879 – 1941
Ida Lagasa 1880 – 1969
John Benjamin LaGasa Sr 1882 – 1951
Milton Cleveland LaGasa 1884 – 1948

This information I found yesterday but Bob Barrette already had it on his Ancestry family tree that he is sharing with me. I should have checked before hand.

We can now be 100% sure about this family and figure out who is who on this picture.

Joseph LaGasa

I will let you figure it out. It’s more difficult than you think.