Post 537

That’s a lot of posts on a blog.


I have not posted a lot of redux posts, but I will have to post some so you will understand how this crazy idea of mine creating a blog about genealogy in September 2009 led me and is leading me.

By doing this you won’t have to read all the 536 other posts on this blog to undertand the scope of all the research I have done since 2007 about our ancestors.

I could not have done it alone without help.

And help I got a lot!

Yesterday’s posts had pictures from five different sources: Ed, Sandy, Joe, Robin, and Fran all living in the U.S. All contributed to link our ancestors to their descendants.

In 2011 one more person joined in with pictures I could not believe…

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Dennis had more than 100 pictures from his father’s old family album. I am still trying to find who were on all his pictures.

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Dennis had this one.

Marie-Louise Dubé

I had no idea who she was until I had the brillant idea to ask Dennis. He told me it was his grandmother Marie-Louise Dubé when she was younger without her glasses!


Of course I should have known it was her.

I know one day I will get all the answers I want.

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