Finding Who Redux?

Once more I am posting an old post.


We are never sure when we look at photographs of our ancestors.

This picture was sent by Ed, a descendant of this man Jean-Baptiste Alexandre or John B. Alexander.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II

It was easy to find ressemblance with other pictures sent by other people.

In 2010, J. B. was known as unknown man to Sandy and I.

young man 1

The information provided by Ed and the pictures we had were enough to link J. B. to this tintype photograph that belonged to Joe in Connecticut.

John B Alexander II

The three people who sent me those pictures have never met personally, but they share the same passion.

Then last year, lo and behold, another person joined in the search with this wedding picture: Alice Louise Alexandre and Albert Choinière.


Alice is J. B.’s daughter.

I could link it to this picture Robin had scanned of these two who were identified.


The caption is right. Cousin Amelia and her husband Ernest Sorell (Sorel).

And this one…?


And this one…?

Picture 096-2

Is she really Aunt Mary…?

Nope. The caption is wrong.

This is Aunt Mary Alexandre.


The caption is right on the button.Mary never married. She was Philomène Lagacé’s daughter, Agnes Alexander’s sister,

Agnes Alexandre

If she is, and I am sure she is, then where is Mary on this montage?

Montage Alexandre Family

She has to be with her other sisters and her mother in the middle.

So many questions?

Now what about this couple and the bridesmaid and the best man?


The best man is Ernest Sorel and the bridesmaid is Alice Louise’s sister Amelia. They would later be married.

I know all about them thanks to Fran from Connecticut…

Now if someone who is related to these people would Google their names and find this blog, I will be more than happy to share those precious pictures.


I will tell you more next time.