Why I Keep Writing This Blog…

Why I keep writing this blog?


I continue to enjoy your blog. Your recent photos of Dennis’ and Amanda’s children have been of special interest. My aunt had the Memorial Book from my grandmother’s funeral in 1956 and it has the list of those who “Called to Express Sympathy”. As I had done my Bristol records search back in 2001-02 I knew that Levi Lagasse and Victor LaGasse were the children of Dennis and Amanda Menard. As both men had attended my grandmother’s wake it is nice to see photos of them as young men.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

When reading your blog I have a tendency to think of them as Dennis II’s children. Today I realized that they were 1st cousins. Amanda and Caroline Menard, my great grandmother, were sisters, daughters of Rosalie Therrien and Pierre Zephrin Menard.

Thanks to everyone who contributes information and all those precious photos.


This is what I wrote back…

Hi Fran,

I continue to enjoy your e-mails and writing on the blog. At first it’s a little complicated with Dennis III and Dennis II,  but you get use to it.

I was really amazed by Donna’s contribution with her pictures of the Ritchie family. This really grows on you and I feel they are all a part of my growing family.

Keep reading and I will keep writing.


There is always some new information out there just waiting to be found. You just have to open that little metal box.

Good evening.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the recent discovery of a metal box I came across in my mother’s belongings. It’s rich in history and has me at a loss for words. The box contains a copy of my grandparents marriage license. I’ll scan and send you a copy if needed for your blog. It also includes letters from the military regarding my uncles’ death and their enlistment and my grandfather’s discharge papers. Boggles my mind. One thing that has me curious is there are 2 letters from Father Paul of the Cross, La Trappe, P.Q. Canada. One letter is dated 1947, the second is dated in 1948. In both letters Father Paul is acknowledging receipt of money from my grandmother requesting masses be said for her sons William and Robert. I wonder why my grandmother requested those masses in Canada. What the connection was for those masses. My grandfather was born in Greenfield, Massachusetts while my grandmother was born in Bristol, Connecticut. Both uncles where born, in New Britain.

Guess some things will never be known.

William Ritchie and Robert Ritchie