Hector Who?

Hector Lamothe married Ida Lagasse on April 23, 1919.

I believe this is their wedding picture.


Levi Napoleon Lagasse, Diane Dubé?, Hector Lamothe?, Ida Lagasse

I believe this is their wedding picture, but then again I could be proven wrong down the line…

What I am sure of is that Ida Lagasse married Hector Lamothe. I am almost sure Hector is the last one in this line…


I think Odna Lagasse is holding her baby girl Helena. Odna’s husband Frank is behind. Ida Lagasse is next in line, then a mysterious young woman, then another one teasing us to identify who she is, Levi Napoleon whose grandson Dennis IV shared this picture and so many others with us, Diane Dubé, but not sure if she really is Diane Dubé, and finally Hector Lamothe.

Hector is the same man in the top row on the right. Frank Ritchie is on the left with the bow tie.


Here again Hector is seen in front between Frank Ritchie and Levi Napoleon Lagasse.


Odna is holding Ida. They must have been very close to each other as Frank, Hector and Levi Napoleon probably were.

The mysterious young woman is still taunting us with her smile.

One day we will find out who she was.


The baby girl on that picture must be Helena Ritchie.


Helena married George Arel.

They had these children.

George Arel Junior
Janice Arel
Judith Arel
Roger Arel
William Arel

Helena Ritchie and her children are part of the Ritchie clan.

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