Frère de grand-mère Ritchie

Just this caption on an old picture.

Frère de grand-mère Ritchie

I don’t make up these things.


Frère de grand-mère Ritchie (Mireault)

Frère de grand-mère Ritchie

I knew nothing about these people on that picture except what was written by someone probably 50 years ago…

zoom Frère de grand-mère Ritchie (Mireault)frère de grand-mère Ritchie (Grandma Ritchie’s brother)

Serge Ritchie sent it. He wanted my help to find who this family was. I can’t refuse anything to Donna’s distant cousin.

According to Serge, that picture was probably part of Maria Ritchie’s collection of old pictures. Maria is the woman on the left next to an uncle from the U.S.

She probably wrote the caption.

12- Un oncle USA, Maria Ritchie, Lawrence Ritchie, Frank Ritchie

Serge got most of his old pictures from a son of Maria. 

So what about this family we know so little about except that the man is the frère de grand-mère Ritchie?

Frère de grand-mère Ritchie (Mireault)

Serge Ritchie and I have been working hard to find out.

I think I have found who this family is. The man’s name has be to Mireault if he is Delphine Mireault’s brother.

These are Delphine’s siblings that we have found since last week…

Justine Mireault 1832 – 1908
Delphine Mireault 1833 – 1834
François Mireault 1835 – 1836
Delphine Mireault 1836 – 1916
Émilie Mireault 1838 –
Olive Mireault 1841 –
Domithilde Mireault 1843 – 1843
Joseph Hormidas Mireault 1844 –
Adéline (Célina) Mireau 1847 –
Julienne Mireault 1848 –
Ulric Mireault 1849 –
Elzéar 1852
Patrick Mireault 1853 –
François Delphise Mireault 1855 –
Eucher Ludger Mireault 1857 –

At first we had only Delphine to work with, but we started digging.

Delphine had two brothers when we started our search.

François Mireault 1835 – 1836
Joseph Hormidas Mireault 1844 –

I looked for Joseph born in 1844, but he probably died in 1898 according to Serge.

Joseph Mirault 1898-11-26

We hit a dead end.

Then Serge found one more brother in someone’s family tree on Ancestry.

Eucher Ludger Mireault 1857 –

Then I found another brother in the 1852 Canadian census.

Ulric Mireault 1849 –

1852 Chertsey Township

And two more… in the 1881 Canadian census in Mountain, Marquette, Manitoba, under the name of Miro.

Patrick Mireault 1853 –
François Delphise Mireault 1855 –

1881 frères Mero

Then Serge had a breakthrough! Someone on Ancestry had this information in his family tree…

Joseph Frederic Alonzo Mireault (1894-1963), son of Eucher Ludger (Edgar) Mireault and Angèle Poulin…

This clue led me to this 1901 census page in Treherne, Manitoba.

1901 recensement Manitoba famille Mero

Alonzo was there with a lot of siblings! 

1901 recensement Manitoba famille Mero zoomPatrick Mero (Mireault, Miro), a farmer, is the head of the family and he is single. His brother Edgar (Eucher Ludger) and his family are living with him.

Could it be this family?

frère de grand-mère identification

Are we certain we have the right people?

When searching for other people’s ancestors you are never certain…

But that’s the fun part because it never stops.

2 thoughts on “Frère de grand-mère Ritchie

    • Not 100% sure this is the right family, but it does not matter. We have found another branch of a family tree.

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