This, Will Never Stop!

Serge Ritchie is as much addicted to genealogy as I am!

That’s quite an understatement coming from me.

Serge and I are teaming up to look for descendants of William Ritchie

William Ritchie 1830-1894


Delphine Mireault zoom

Delphine Mireault.

I wonder if Donna is still reading this blog about her ancestors.

She is the one who sent this…

family treeShe sent it in five parts, and I pieced it up together using Paint.

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That document was made in 1980 by Clarence Hogan who was the son of Ida Ritchie.

Ida Ritchie

Clarence had done some great work with the Ritchie family!

In 1980, I had just started to have a faint interest in genealogy when my daughter was born in early December 1979. I had asked my mother for a few information about her ancestors.

This would become somewhat precious when in 2007 my brother brought me this picture.

Honoré Sauvé etJulie Leroux

This is how my addiction came to be.

I don’t drink, gamble, smoke or take drugs (only for my slight high blood pressure).

I have found so much since 2007, and so much more since September 2009 when I had this crazy idea of creating an English version of my blog Nos ancêtres to reach out down south of the border to find some relatives.

This is how Serge found me in March 2012 when I wrote about the Ritchie brothers who died in WWII.

William Ritchie and Robert Ritchie

So you see, this, will never stop!