How all This Search Started in the First Place

All this search about the Ritchie family started with this picture.

scan0048It was file scan0048 from Robin on the West Coast.

At first I thought that scan0048 was Edna Lagasse the daughter of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard. I had just a name in my databank. Edna became Odna Lagasse a Gold Star Mother, and then she became Odna Lagasse Ritchie seen on this picture next to Frank Ritchie, thanks to Donna who knew a lot about her and the Ritchie family.

Odna Lagasse with brother Levi Napoleon and Ida Lagasse

Here are some of the scanned pictures Robin scanned in 2010. The above picture was on it.

I always like to tell my readers that Robin and I are not related. Her husband is. He is probably not interested in genealogy. Robin never told me.

Anyway I am glad Robin scanned these…

Robin is addicted to old pictures like your hostblogger, and Serge Ritchie.

Want some proof?

I knew you would.

Six of the fourteen children of William Ritchie and Delphine Mireault.

Serge told me he has pictures of 12 out of the 14 children. He is still looking for the missing two.

As a footnote to this post, Serge sent me this picture last night.

Frère de grand-mère Ritchie (Mireault)

caption: frère de grand-mère Ritchie

The man could be Delphine Mireault’s brother.

This is how all searches start in the first place…