Delphine Mireault 1836-1916

Serge Ritchie has hundreds and hundreds of old pictures on his Ancestry site.

728 pictures to be exact!

But this is the only picture Serge Ritchie has of Delphine Mireault the wife of William Ritchie. 

Delphine Mireault zoom 1

Serge would really want someday to have a picture of his great-great-grandmother Delphine.

This is the reason why I am writing about the Ritchie family on this blog with Serge’s permission.

This is a zoom out of this picture…

Delphine Mireault zoom

which is a close-up of this one.

Delphine Mireault

The man is Eddy Ritchie who is a grandson of Delphine. Serge won’t probably never be able to find a picture of his great-great-grandmother Delphine, but we have got to try don’t we?

Donna probably does not have one.

Serge asked me to ask her. I have decided to ask her on this blog instead and to show her some interesting pictures from Serge’s collection of old pictures.

3- Oncle des USA, Frank Ritchie, Lawrence Ritchie petit enfant Claude Dupras

Visiting uncle from the U.S. on the left

12- Un oncle USA, Maria Ritchie, Lawrence Ritchie, Frank Ritchie

Visiting uncle from the U.S. on the left

o-8859-1-Q-8-_Herv=E9_Ritchie=2C_Philom=E8ne_Latendresse_Ritchie=2C_F-= rank Ritchie, une cousine Mariane

Visiting cousin from the U.S. on the right (Marian?)

I am sure Donna is going to keep reading this blog for quite sometime…