William Ritchie 1830-1894

Sometimes you meet some people addicted to genealogy and you get a little scared by all the research they have done on their ancestors.

Case in point…

This is one of Donna’s maternal ancestors.

William Ritchie 1830-1894William Ritchie 1830-1894

By working on Odna Lagasse’s case last year, well before I knew who she had married, and well before I could positively identify her husband Frank Ritchie and herself on pictures, and well before I knew about their two sons who died during WWII, I was contacted by Serge Ritchie.

Adrien Simard, one of my readers on Nos ancêtres, the French version of this blog, told Serge Ritchie to contact this guy who seemed to know a lot about some Ritchies in the U.S.

Serge Ritchie was interested with what I had found about his ancestors and descendants of William Ritchie who was his great-great-grandfather. I was quite impressed by what he had found when I first visited his family tree on his Ancestry site.

Serge and I exchanged a lot of e-mails, and he even phoned me from St-Donat.

Last week I visited his family tree again when he wrote me. He had read my posts about Frank Ritchie on this blog like Donna did.

I was awestruck by all the pictures and information Serge had collected since 2012 about the Ritchie family.

What follows is only one of the numerous information found on Serge Ritchie’s Ancestry site. Serge was kind enough to give me permission to use it.

I always ask first before posting anything on this blog.


William Ritchie (1830-1894) est l’un des fondateurs de Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci. Cette chapelle fut construite en 1884 et terminée en 1887.


La population était environ de 61 habitants. William Ritchie se trouve possiblement sur le balcon (photo), William Ritchie a marié Delphine Mireault (1836-1916). Quatre de leurs enfants se sont mariés dans cette chapelle. Samuel Ritchie a marié Perpétue Cardinal (26 septembre 1892); Louis Ritchie a marié Delia Christin dit Saint-Amour (11 septembre 1899); Marguerite Ritchie a marié  Trefflé Grenier (8 janvier 1900); Elizabeth Ritchie a marié Daniel Mooney (17 novembre 1896). Le corps de William repose au cimetière de Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci selon mes informations. Ils auraient déplacé l’église et on retrouverait ses ossements sous l’église.

Information: pour le mariage et décès, il y a un registre de la Société de généalogie de Lanaudière no 86


William Ritchie (1830-1894) is one of the founding fathers of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci. This chapel was built in 1884 and finished in 1887.


The population was approximately 61 inhabitants at that time. William Ritchie is possibly on the porch (photo), William Ritchie married Delphine Mireault (1836-1916). Four of their children were married in this chapel. Samuel Ritchie married Perpetue Cardinal (1892-09-26); Louis Ritchie married Delia Christin dit Saint-Amour (1899-09-11); Marguerite Ritchie married Trefflé Grenier (1900-01-08); Elizabeth Ritchie married Daniel Mooney (1896-11-17). The body of William rests in the cemetery of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci. According to information I found they would have moved the church and one would find his bones under the church.

Information: for the marriage and death, there is a register of the Société de généalogie de  Lanaudière No 86

There was so much more on Serge Ritchie’s Ancestry site.

Much more than this picture of Frank Ritchie Senior…

Frank RitchieFrançois Euclide Mary Ritchey 12 July, 1869 – ?

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