It Has to Be…

With Odna Lagasse being finally positively identified, this has to be her sister Gertrude.

Gertrude Lagasse

This next picture has to be Gertrude Lagasse’s and Francis Spielman’s wedding on November 14, 1917.

Who's Who

That should close the book on Dennis Lagasse III’s and Amanda Ménard’s 11 children and their children’s children.

Gertrude Lagasse and Francis Spielman

How about a new book?

How about Frank Ritchie’s ancestors?

Frank Ritchie Will you be amazed.

I was!


3 thoughts on “It Has to Be…

  1. If you would like to trace my grandfathers family (Frank Ritchie), I can help with that. Will send a copy of framed document and picture my mother has had for years. It’s current as of 1980. Only took a picture of it. If you would like a better copy, let me know and I’ll dismantle it.

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