Toni’s Monkey

Donna seems to know a whole lot more on my first cousin once removed than I do.

Antoinette Lagasse

picture from Dennis 1.1

She wrote this comment yesterday, and she has fond memories of Toni.

I remember Aunt Toni  as I knew her.  She did have the one child Raymond.  Not sure what happened to her husband, however when I was young and in school she was living with a man named George who was the custodian at my school.  Toni at that time lived in a mobile home in Plainville.  I would love going to visit her because she had a pet monkey.  It was always fun going to see her.  She seemed like a free spirit to me.

I knew a little more about Elmer the bartender.

Elmer D Perkins


Antoinette’s final resting place…

Antoinette Lagasse headstoneSame source

What about their son Raymond? I believe he died in 2002 and left no descendants to remember him.

What about C. Greer who photographed the headstones?

He or she seems a nice person.

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