Antoinette Lagasse Perkins

No problem identifying Antoinette who is my first cousin once removed and Odna’s little sister.

Antoinette is in front between Ida and Joseph. Alice Rose is on the right with the big smile.

picture from Dennis 1.1

Antoinette is Toni according to Donna.

[About Odna] One of her sisters was named Mary and the youngest was Antoinette “Toni”.  Those are the two I remember knowing in my youth.

That’s the only picture I have of Toni.

I have several pictures of her sister Alice Rose who is in front on this picture.


Antoinette Lagasse was born August 1st, 1907, 105 years ago. None of her descendants has contacted me yet.

The reason is quite simple.

I have not written about her that much and I believe she had only one child: Raymond born in 1926 according to the 1940 U.S. Census.

record-image (50)

Toni married Elmer Perkins in 1925. Elmer is a bartender in 1940.

Toni’s sister Alice Rose is seen here on this picture sitting on the rear fender.

Move Over Girl on the LeftIt’s part of a bigger picture…

Move Over 1917Even bigger…

Move OverHer older sister Marie is in the driver’s seat. The other passengers are still unidentified. One woman could be either Malvina Lagasse or Lillie Lagasse, my grandfather’s sisters. The others could be Dubés or even Ritchies.

This has to be Frank Ritchie’s car.

montage Frank RitchieLike Alice Rose Lagasse, Frank Ritchie is often seen in Lionel’s old family album. Lionel’s father is on the left in the first row. 

400407_3899097790487_538459355_n But enough talking about Frank and let’s talk about Toni.

There is not much to talk about because that’s all the information I have on her, and I will probably never receive any comment from one of her descendants.