If This Is Frank, then This Is…

How important to us if this is really Frank Ritchie with his siblings?


Who really knows if this is really Frank?

Who knows if those noses are features of the Ritchie family?


Of course this only makes sense if this is Frank Ritchie sitting beside Odna Lagasse. We are sure about Odna, but I am still unsure if Frank is really beside her.

However this man seems to be on several pictures in Lionel Lagasse’s old family album.

Sometimes we have to got out on a limb, or under, (pun intended) to get somewhere on this blog.

five sons

One of these young women appears several times in Lionel’s old family album.


It’s only a matter of time before someone gets on the bandwagon and he or she starts getting all excited about old pictures.

Donna did and she has now a whole lot of new ancestors to get excited about…

Odna Lagasse

Amanda Ménard

Not to mention her new 2nd cousin.

So did Fran last year when she started sharing a few pictures she had and wrote this comment when Lionel Lagasse and his son Dennis shared more than 100 pictures from the old family album…

How wonderful for Lionel to share his album. It’s a delight to follow your journey of discovery, which has been expanded so much by the people you have met and through the photos they have sent. How many have wished that they had been so enriched.

I have always been amazed by the generosity of genealogists; and your blog is a shining example. Looking forward to your next entry.

So what’s that all about?

Those noses, they seem pretty similar at first glance, and five people seem related.

I know three people are: Napoleon Levi, Ida, and Odna (green circle). 


Here are some women and some men still unidentified (for now) found in Lionel’s old family album. 


These people have to be related somehow, and the more I look, the more I am sure we have found Frank Ritchie.

montage several people