This is Amanda Ménard, the Mother of all your Grandmothers or your Great-Grandmothers.

She is a very important person because you would not be reading this.

Odna Lagasse

When Donna sent this picture two weeks ago I first thought it was Amanda’s daughter Odna, but Donna told me that she was her great-grandmother Amanda.

I won’t argue with Donna. She should know more about her great-grandmother than I do.

But does she?

Amanda Ménard had 12 children.

arbre Amanda Ménard

I know everything about her children and some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Back in 2009, I did not know anything about Amanda Ménard. She had never existed nor did her husband Dennis Lagasse III, my grandfather’s brother.

Later on, Amanda became a name on an obituary full of information on her and her children.

obituary Amanda Ménard

Just like her husband Dennis Lagasse’s obituary who died in 1922.


Lots of precious information.

My grandfather died in 1964 and I believe he never talked to me once in his life

Grandfathers seemed not to talk that much in those days to their grandchildren… 

Only on death certificates. 

acte de deces leo lagace senior

This is how I found his mother’s name: H. Alexandre. This is how this blog evolved in the first place.

Go figure why grandfathers did not talk much to their grandchildren. I am sure my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II talked to them a lot…

He must have been well ahead of his time.

picture from Dennis 2Dennis Lagasse II with his grandchilden Harvey and Marie,
children of Dennis Lagasse III

On this picture, my grandfather’s older brother Dennis Lagasse III (Dennis was born in 1864 and Leo in 1888) is under the hat.

Four of his sons are behind him. 

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Dennis is wearing Joseph’s hat because his own hat is on top of the branches and Joseph on the right is without a hat.

I have other pictures to prove all this.

So you will have to trust me…

Napoleon Levi Lagasse is on the left, then Harvey Lagasse (whose nickname was Big Harvey, Victor Philip Lagasse, then probably what I thought was a nephew, and finally his youngest son Joseph E. Lagasse without his cap because his father is wearing it.

Now what about Amanda…

Here she is on some other pictures from the old family album of Lionel, Dennis Lagasse IV’s father. Dennis IV is the guy who has goose bumps sometimes when he reads this blog.

goose bumps ahead

Is this a wedding picture of one of her daughters…?

Who's Who Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard

It can’t be Odna Lagasse’s wedding because she married Frank Ritchie in January 1917 in Bristol, Connecticut, unless this was an early sign of global warming.

I have a theory that this is Bertha’s wedding in November 1921. I had explained this theory in this post. I also have a theory about global warming.

Don’t laugh if you have just read what I had written earlier this year!

This is why genealogy is so much fun.  You learn every day.

Amanda is seen here again probably visiting family. I can’t figure out who are the two men and I won’t even try to elaborate a theory since I don’t recognise any hats.


This is Amanda again, and I am sure she is not visiting family.


So what about Dennis Lagasse III’s real hat?

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Now I am realizing that this picture was taken the same day and the people are the same!

picture from Dennis 4.2Dennis Lagasse III’s youngest son Joseph is in front and his oldest son Harry is on the right.

And I thought it was a nephew all along!

five sons

Dennis III and his five sons

I just love to look at old pictures and finding who is who. Now when and where was it taken?

Good question… but I have no theory.


Amanda died in 1955. I was 5 years old at that time and I was (still am) living in Quebec. I never met Amanda in my lifetime…

But to think about it, I have met her with my 3rd cousin Joe from Plainville when Joe and I visited St-Thomas cemetery in 2011 and 2012.

Joe and I were  looking for Dennis Lagasse I’s and Dennis Lagasse II’s final resting place.

Stanislas Lagassey tombstone

I believe both are buried here, but their names are not inscribed.

Just another theory of mine.

Footnote to the footnote

Dennis Lagasse’s real name was Stanislas Lagacé and he was born in 1864 not in 1865. Amanda was born in 1866 and when you zoom in what seems 1868 is in fact 1866.

In genealogy you always have to get your facts right. 


15 thoughts on “Amanda

  1. Spectacular!
    Amanda was my grandmother’s aunt.
    Does Donna have any photos of Amanda’s parents or siblings, Zephirin, Marie Rose, Elmira, Napoleon, Isidore, Abline, Charles, Jean Baptiste, or Caroline, my grandmother?

    • Donna is looking for more info and pictures.
      When we start looking then we find more and more.
      There are so many pictures out there to be found.
      This is why I write so much.
      That picture of Amanda is much more than an old picture of an old woman on an old couch.

  2. You are correct Amanda and her husband are buried at St. Thomas Cemetery in Southington as well as my grandparents Frank and Odna Ritchie.
    My father Robert Barbier is buried right next to them.

  3. God has led you on some pretty fun treasure hunts I’d say. You are CSI Lagace. Horatio says, ‘So you see PIerre, there is no end to the mysteries and that, my friend, is the reason we keep searching! 🙂 You’re very much like my husband……….always pondering and trying to figure out why and who and where? Another very interesting post!

      • Horatio is the lieutenant on CSI Miami. He has hilarious one liners. I know you don’t watch TV, so it’s understandable you wouldn’t know Horatio;-) I love CSI files TV series. They have Miami, Las Vegas and New York, but I think I like Horatio the best.

      • Lol………good one Pierre! It’s good to have a laugh with you………..have a great day. I’m finishing off my Saturday night here. So I’ll so good night. Over and out……….

  4. ”Amanda died in 1955. I was 5 years old at that time”

    Les maths ne sont pas ton fort, mon Chichille. À moins que tu ne nous aies caché un secret toutes ces années…

    • Né fin 1948, presque 1949…

      Je vais aller vérifier le tout.
      Je vois que tu es un lecteur averti et que tu sais démasquer les supercheries.

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