Paying Homage to all Firefighters

Paying homage to the firefighters on the scene of the tragic train derailment in Lac-Mégantic that happened yesterday.

These are some pictures taken by Mr. René Jobin.

Nos ancêtres

Cliquez ici. 

Merci à monsieur Jobin de partager avec nous ces moments d’angoisse terrible pour les gens de Lac-Mégantic.

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Just Let’s Pretend for a Moment…

You are in front of your computer and you are searching for some ancestors.

comp018Ida Laga…
Darn! How do they spell Lagacé?

Let’s say Ida Lagasse or Ida Lagasse Lamothe or Ida Lagassee Lamoth or Ida Lagassey Lamott… married to Hector Lamothe.


You probably won’t get much results on Google.

Google Ida LagasseApart from Ida – or Ida at Amazon, your attention will probably get directed to my blog and start wondering what’s this blog is all about.

Having to read more than 500 posts by someone who seems a bit carried away by his ancestors and some old pictures might be a deterrent.

Unless you’re a curious person and you look at this picture.

556630_3899069589782_1630704891_nI have a theory who these people are and when that picture was taken…

Ida who?

Ida file

Now just try to Google Odna Lagasse…

You will see what I mean.