There Is not Much that Can Stop Me… Redux


Another Redux Post so you don’t have to read the whole blog with more than 500 posts…


When I was looking for my grandfather Leo’s ancestors, I found to my big surprise that he was living in Hartford, Connecticut with his father Stanislas, who called himself Dennis, and his mother Henriette Alexandre, who was Harriett.


Censuses are so precious to find clues about your ancestors if you know how to use them.

Léo was living with his older brother Adlore (Adélard) born in 1880. Léo was born in June 1888 and he was the last of the children.

In the 1900 U.S. census, I found out that Harriett (Henriette) had 13 children with 6 still living. That I did not know.

I had only found 12!

Click on the image it will appear in another window

Friday morning, while looking into the register of Notre-Dame-des-Anges parish in Notre-Dame de Stanbridge, I found the 13th child.

Her name was Marie-Angélique Lagacé born on November 10, 1871. She died on September 15, 1872.

This closes  the chapter about the children of Stanislas Lagacé and Henriette Alexandre.

You can ask me to visit my genealogy site and see the file of Stanislas Lagacé. From there you can access all of his children’s files.

Next time, I will tell you about Pierre Lagacé, Stanislas Lagacé’s granduncle.  Some of his descendants went to the United States.

See you…


Almost three years later I have climbed all the way up on some branches of my family tree.

The first child of Dennis and Harriett was Anthony Lagasse born in Vermont in 1863. He was named after his grandfather Antoine-Nicolas.

Anthony could be on this picture with his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

I say could be because I don’t know for sure. 

All I know is that the picture was taken around 1905 plus or minus a few years. At first I thought it was Dennis II with Harriett. Now I know this is not the fact.

The man looks very much like a Lagacé and he ressembles the man on this picture.


picture from Dennis 2

Dennis Lagasse II is seen here with Harvey and Marie, two of Dennis Lagasse III’s children.

Back in 2009 the only picture I had of these people was this…

3 thoughts on “There Is not Much that Can Stop Me… Redux

    • I am not certain who he is, but everything points in his direction.
      His wife Delia Bertrand was pregnant around 1908.
      Being born in 1863, Antoine would have been 45 years old in that picture.

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