Happy Days

People like to share with me what they know about their ancestors. Dennis Lagasse did in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and he still has goose bumps sometimes when he reads my blog…

Great work Pierre, gave me goose bumps reading it.

I always write for a purpose…

goose bumps ahead

Donna is now starting to share what is most precious: pictures and stories.

I wasn’t aware that a Bridge Too Far was about my Uncle’s battle.
I’m going to have to watch it again.

I have several old pictures that I’ll dig out and see if any of them will help you. I knew about the USS Bullhead. There was a book written about it that I have and read.

I also have an envelope with its logo on it and paper money from one of the places he visited. You mention a friend “Joe” in Plainville. I live in Southington, next town over.

May I ask who your friend is that knows my grandparents? I’m also attaching 2 pictures I keep close by. One is of my Great Grandmother LaGasse and the other is of Odna and Frank taken in 1941. I’ll dig through my other pictures soon.


Happy days are here again on this blog about Our Ancestors with more pictures.

These were happy days from 1941.

Odna and Frank 1941

Odna Lagasse and Frank Ritchie were married January 17, 1917 and they had these beautiful children:

Helena Ritchie 1918 –

Francis Ritchie 1919 – 1979

William H Ritchie 1921 – 1944

Robert J Ritchie 1925 – 1945

Irene Mae Ritchie 1926 – 2005

Doris Ritchie 1929 –

Little did they know when that picture was taken that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

William was 20 and Robert was 16 in 1941.

William Ritchie and Robert RitchieOdna died in 1983 and she rejoined her two sons.

I am sure she was a good mother and I know she never thought back in 1941 that she would become a Gold Star Mother.

Edna's obit