Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 5

People who don’t know me well must be scratching their head.

Pierre 039

Who’s this guy writing this blog about my ancestors?

Stop scratching and start reading, but not all the posts I wrote since September 2009. There are more than 500!

Donna wrote a comment and she finally had the key to find more about Our Ancestors and her ancestors.

If Odna Lagasse is on this picture, and I am sure she is…

Odna Lagasse

then I think this is also Odna Lagasse, the daughter of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard. She is seen here on this picture with her brother Levi Napoleon Lagasse, last row on the left and her sister Ida Lagasse, last row on the right…

Odna Lagasse with brother Levi Napoleon and Ida Lagasse

Ida always has a big smile. One day some of her descendants will find her on the Internet. It’s just a matter of time.

Who could be sitting beside Odna on the right of the picture?

I was really scratching my head before Donna’s comment because I first thought that Odna was Bertha…

Odna Lagasse with her husband

Odna’ husband was Frank Ritchie and he was the father of both William Ritchie and Robert Ritchie who both died in WWII?

William Ritchie and Robert RitchieWilliam and Robert Ritchie

What do you think?

Is Frank Ritchie beside Odna Lagasse?

Frank Ritchie

Looks like it doesn’t it?

Odna M. Ritchie was a Gold Star Mother, but you already know that.

Edna's obitWas Frank Ritchie a Gold Star Father?

I don’t think they gave medals for father losing two sons in WWII.


Obituaries are a great source for finding relatives even if there are errors sometimes. This is why you have to double and triple check every information.

As for Odna Lagasse born on October 18, 1893, we now have precious pictures of her and maybe pictures of her husband Frank Ritchie.

Footnote to the footnote

If you are asking yourself if I have found Frank Richie’s ancestors also…

What do you think?

Frank Ritchie

4 thoughts on “Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 5

  1. Hi Pierre,
    I hope genealogy research stays in your blood as I so like to read you postings even when they are not about my family’s connections. Have a nice day, Susan

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