The Young Lady in the White Dress

picture from Dennis 1.1

She is Odna!

Donna wrote another comment…

Here name is definitely Odna, not Edna.
In the picture you sent she is in the second row on the right.
The young lady in the white dress.
One of her sisters was named Mary and the youngest was Antoinette “Toni”.
Those are the two I remember knowing in my youth.

Odna Lagasse

If this is Odna, then this is also Odna Lagasse on that picture with her brother Levi Napoleon and Ida Lagasse…


Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 4

Post No. 506!

Hard to stop looking for ancestors?

You can bet on it.

Hard to stop looking also for other people’s ancestors?

You can bet on it also.

I got this request this morning. Coffee had to wait.


I hope all is well.

I have found from another source that Mélodie Hogue’s husband is not named Joseph Orphire Levesseur, but Joseph Zephire Levasseur.  I have attached the marriage act.  Would please translate this for me?  I think I see the father as Hippolyte Moreau.  I see a former wife of Marie Beauregard.  The mother could possibly be Rita Desser…

Anyway, I am sure you are much better at this and I, and I appreciate your

Thank you.

I wanted to take a break during this summer and come back only in September to talk about that picture that has been haunting me since 2009.

famille Hogue vers 1910