Comment From Susan

500th post on my blog Our Ancestors!

I wanted to keep a low profile for the summer, but this comment from Susan is too interesting to leave it in the comment section and be missed by my readers.

My mother, for a while, and my aunt went to St. Anne’s Academy, a boarding school with girls from all over the world, and of course locals. It is now low-income housing!! 

I remember my mother taking me there. Fearfully institutional!! 

Some of  the nuns, (help me out here) Soeurs de Ste. Anne (??) were experts at invisible mending. I’m sure they charged a fee!  Anyhow, the stories I’ve heard about that Academie! 

The grammar school was St. Anthony’s, yes, Pam, French and English.  My gggrandmother Bertrand (nee Gaudet) from Memramcooke, CA insisted on Francais in her home, no parle Anglaise (Am I doing this right?) 

I have a rich heritage on that Hill that I only came to appreciate lately.
I even belonged to the Marlborough Historical Society!! but never delved into my French Hill roots.
I guess I thought I  knew it all !

No parle Anglaise?

Ne parle pas en anglais… Do not speak in English…

Susan’s gggrandmother wanted to keep her descendants remembering their roots.

5 thoughts on “Comment From Susan

  1. You – a low profile? You’ve got to be kidding! Afraid I might have to be sort of laying-low, some responsibilities like jury duty coming up.

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