Going Back in Time With Celina

Pam never expected her friend Susan and I were related somehow. I never expected it also. Celina Marineau is one of Susan’s ancestors. Celina would be this man’s sister.

Jean-Baptiste Marineau

Jean-Baptiste Marineau

I wrote about Jean-Baptiste Marineau, the son of Jean-Baptiste Marineau and Marie-Jeanne Lauzé. Jean-Baptiste is Barbara Marineau’s ancestors.

I never talked that much about Barbara. I only share what people allow me to share with you on this blog. Barbara has shared a lot and I was able to link Barbara to her anccestors and her family history. 

These two posts were part of four posts I wrote about the Marineaus. Something terrible had happened on March 10, 1838 in St-Eustache.

It all started on December 14, 1838.

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Going back in time with Celina Marineau in one of the darkest period of Quebec’s history.

Car Craziness

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“How do I love thee? let me count the ways.” These words from Shakespeare apply to America’s love affair with the automobile.  Maybe the relationship has soured a bit over the years.  Certainly the cost of maintaining the relationship has skyrocketed.  My Dad was a car nut.  He loved his cars and derived satisfaction from them.  It was a part of his personality.  My Mother found it hard to understand.  She tolerated Dad’s other love affair.  It’s easy to spot a true car nut.  They’re  constantly polishing and fussing with their “babies.” For others, cars are merely appliances.  I’ve ridden in cars owned by non-car nuts.  They’re rolling trash cans.  Sometimes there’s barely room for your feet.  They stack things on the cars hood and trunk oblivious to what it does to the finish.  Radio volume knobs are turned up to drown out car noises.  It makes me cringe in disgust to think about it.

I caught car craziness from Dad. …

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