1958 Buick Century

This 1958 Buick Century is owned by Claude Chouinard.


Beautiful 1958 Buick Century

That’s the Father’s Day Mystery Car. A car speaking to us with her large mouth all covered with chrome!

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You can read about it on this site. (in French) 


6 thoughts on “1958 Buick Century

    • You’re kidding!
      Great taste.

      I was mesmerized when I saw it turn right and then go into the parking lot.
      I could not help myself and was hardly controlable.
      I asked permission first to shot some pictures with my cellphone.
      That car has its original paint, a kind of emerald green.
      It was like a time machine taken me back to 1958.
      My father owned a 1955 Buick Century and later a 1961 Invicta.
      I miss my dad even though he was not that kind to us and my mother.
      It made me a better person and an obsessive blog writer.

      Thank for dropping by,


  1. Pierre, I can understand that. The connection to our old memories is very strong. For me this car is locked in at the baby blue and white, and I wonder if there is a memory reason I love that car so much.

    • Most of our childhood memories linked to a car are with a father I believe, in those days at least.

      For our children it can be linked to either the mother or the father.
      My daughter has fond memories of my wife brown 1978 Toyota Celica.

      Maybe the car served like a metal womb that protected us from the outside world when we were young.
      Just a thought.


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