Missed Opportunity

I sometimes use Facebook to reach out on cyberspace for descendants of some of your ancestors and mine.

Sometimes people will reply, sometimes others won’t. I am getting used to it, so don’t feel sorry for me…

Just feel sorry for people who miss the opportunity I offer them.

Pam did not miss the opportunity I offered her when she first wrote we were distant cousins. In fact I found out we were 9th cousins three times removed.

That’s close enough for me.

I believe I have found her Bourgeois lineage, and she is checking it out with her cousin. When she does I will share what I have found so others may benefit.

Always free! 

I like to hand a helping hand, but I would like also for get more feedback sometimes when I find someone’s ancestors. Sometimes these people could share what little they know and help me in my search for my ancestors also.

I have so many pictures hanging around with unidentified people hanging around that I would need a helping hand when possible…

Dennis Lagasse wedding picture

Just a thought…