Fred J. Jewell Quartermaster Second Class

You probably never heard Fred J. Jewell’s name before. That’s a pity unless you read the comments on my blog.

I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. My grand mom would know of such feelings. She sent 3 sons off to war. Two in the Navy, one in the Army Air Corps. All 3 went M.I.A. during the last year of the war. My uncle Randy was shot down over Germany P.O.W. My dad’s ship got frozen in the North Atlantic after battle with no radio communication. My dad, Coy A. Jewell made it back from the North Atlantic. Almost lost his legs from gangrene. Uncle Randall M. Jewell was machine gunned by a German guard left for dead. He came home. My uncle Fred didn’t come home. You see Fred Jackson Jewell was aboard the U.S.S. Bullhead the last American submarine sunk in WWII. Your son did not die alone that day. He died with 83 FINE YOUNG AMERICANS one of them was my uncle who I never met and I am DAM PROUD of THEM!!!      

I’d like to thank you for posting that link to this sight. I feel a little closer to the man I never met by being here. Thanks again.  


This is the post my reader is talking about…

Click here.


I write so people never forget about their loved ones. You can also writhe about them on this blog if you want like Mark White wrote about his father on my other blog dedicated to men who served with RCAF 403 Squadron.

14 thoughts on “Fred J. Jewell Quartermaster Second Class

  1. Great post. Sorry I’m not commenting more, but in trying to edit all those posts of mine has me cross-eyed. In some cases I think I’ve improved those edited posts – lets hope so.

  2. A great post and tribute and I would like to say thank you to all of the men and woman who has served and died all over this world trying to make it a better place for us all. Jim Harbin EN 3 US Navy.

  3. Fred J. Jewell
    May 2, 1921 – Aug. 13, 1945
    Born in Riner; grew up in Roanoke. Served in the Marines. Was on the USS Bullhead when it was sunk by a submarine in the Java Sea. Body never recovered. Survived by his parents, John and Clydie Jewell; brothers, Coy, Randolph, James and Alfred; sisters, Hellen and Annie Marie

  4. I’m back here in the archives looking for a tribute to re-blog next Saturday. Then I figured I’d leave that up to you to decide on one – (should you agree that I reblog in the first place).

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