Sometimes It Takes a Long Long Time

Take this picture for example.

Ellen Elizabeth Doucette

Only one person was identified back in 2009.

Napoléon Hogue

Then another,

carte mortuaire Jean-Marie-Hogue fils

then another,

Clémentine Hogue

then more people

famille de Joseph Brière

and so on and so on.

This is my latest find.

Arthur Hogue’s wife.

Ellen Elizabeth Doucette and GenevieveEllen Elizabeth Doucette and Genevieve Hogue

I knew her first name but that was all I knew. I knew a few kids thanks to the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census.

Geneviève Hogue 1908 –
Adonis Hogue 1910 –
Alice Hogue 1912 –
Irène Hogue 1913 –
Rita Hogue 1915 –
Catherine Hogue 1919 –
Mary Hogue 1920 –
Paul Hogue 1922 –
Corine Hogue 1924 –

I finally found Ellen Elizabeth Doucette or Doucet surname two days ago. This is where I found that information.

On Family Search.

It’s a document about their wedding.

1906 marriage Hogue Doucette

With that I could ascertain Genevieve’s presence on the picture.

Piece of cake.

Did she leave any descendant or did she die young?

I have waited for five years to identify her and her mother. I can wait for another five years since I am not directly related to these folks but one of my most faithful reader who owns that picture is.

That story does not end here by all means, because when you unlock one door, there are full of lock doors behind that one.


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