Back to square one…? Take Two

This will be a follow-up about a post I wrote back in March 2011. This is the original post.


Remember this couple I was talking about last Monday?

I thought in 2009 that they were the newly-weds in a picture taken around 1910 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

I still thought so until Wednesday night when someone sent me a picture.

Here’s the “big picture” of this big picture.

I thought in 2009 that this picture had been taken in 1910.

Think again because someone told me that her relatives had this picture also.

It was taken probably on April 14, 1909 when Bernadette Levasseur, sister of Ida Levasseur, married Joseph Phaneuf.

The woman I had identified as Bernadette Hogue is probably Bernadette Levasseur.

Is this what they will call a soap opera in the future?

Look at this picture someone sent me.

Joseph Brière’s family

It does not belong to her.

She found it on Ancestry.

I still don’t have permission to use it, but I think you will understand why I am posting it.

Compare with this…

1909, Marlborough, Massachusetts

And this montage…


I will try to get permission to post the picture I posted without permission.

Then, I will tell you more, a whole lot more next Monday.


I have identified more people on the wedding picture… I will tell you more next time.

Ellen Elizabeth Doucette

Joseph Brière’s family

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