I have seen everything while searching for my Lagacé lineage.

But this beats everything.


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This woman is in fact Josephine Lagasse.

We are surely related but I can’t find how.

Someone asked me for my help when she stumbled on my Ancestry family tree. She wanted to know if Anthony Lagasse born in 1863 could be related to Josephine born around 1861 in Vermont.

It was quite plausible since Anthony was also born in Vermont. Josephine can’t be related though because Anthony’s parents were married in 1862. This is Anthony’s father.

Dennis Lagasse II

Déjà vu…

Josephine Lagasse married David Breault. David Breault died in 1900 and Josephine Lagasse’s name is entered as Josephine Breanlt (sic), a widow in 1900, with four children: Edna, Amédée, Lewis and Cecilia.

1900 Josephine LagasseCecilia Breault 1900

In 1910, 1920, and 1930 she is living with her daughter Edna and her son-in-law Achilles Séguin.

In 1940 Josephine is living with her daughter Cecilia in California as we can see in the 1940 Census.

Josephine is probably the one who died in 1943. Her father’s name is Ligeose which is most probably Lagasse.

Josephine is said to have been born on December 25, 1860 in Vermont.

Name: Josephine Mary Breault
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 11 Sep 1943
Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Birth Date: 25 Dec 1860
Birthplace: Vermont
Gender: Female
Father’s Name: Ligeose
Mother’s Name: Lafayette

I have search all day for her Lagacé lineage but I am stuck with only one clue…


Sometimes you reach a dead end when looking for someone, but we have to keep the faith like this picture which I believe is a photograph of Anthony Lagasse born in Vermont in 1863 with his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

 He is still not 100% sure about us you know Delia…

Anthony LagassseAnthony Lagasse is resting in peace in St. Joseph Cemetery. Sometimes we have to let go with our search for our ancestors.

 Easier said than done…

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