Denis Lagasser

Hard to link Dennis Lagasse II aka Stanislas Lagacé II to this Denis Lagasser in the 1920 U.S. Census.

Denis Lagasser 1920

Denis or Dennis or Stanislas was a widower in 1920.

Dennis Lagasse II1842-1927

Lavina Duke was a widow in 1920. Dennis was living with his daughter and her children probably since 1907 after the death of his wife Henriette Alexandre.

Lavina Duke was not her real name. Her name was in fact Malvina Lagacé Dubé. Her husband was Joseph Dubé and not Duke. So you see how it’s hard for someone to link this ancestor to his or her family tree…

1920 Denis Lagasser

Here is Malvina in the 1910 U.S. Census… Melvina Dube.

Dennis Lagasse 1910Again wrong given name, but right surname. Malvina is a widow. Joseph Dubé probably died after 1906 because he fathered a child, Marie Louise who is four years-old in 1910.

This is where I come in if you are related to Joseph, Irene, Alice, Bernice or Louise Dube. I can help with your Dubé and Lagacé ancestors.

Then this is where you come in and to try help me identify these people on this picture.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureThis is how Dennis IV and I connected in 2011 and how he shared more than 100 pictures.

This is one of them.

This has to be a wedding picture taken around 1920. Dennis II is there in the middle of the last row. His son Dennis III is in the middle above the newly-weds. I am still searching who they are. I believe this is Bertha Lagasse, Dennis III’s daughter.

It would make sense.

I believe Malvina is next to Dennis II on the left side in the white blouse as well as Lillie Lagasse his other daughter with her husband Eugene Dube by her side.

It would make sense since the Dubés and the Lagacés were very close to each other…

Down the road, I hope, someone will be able to help with putting names on people still unidentified on the picture above just like I helped someone back in 2009 in identifying these four persons on this picture.

She wanted to throw this picture away.

4-generations-of-lagasseDennis II, Dennis III, his son Harry with his son Gerard H. Lagasse born June 9th, 1916 and who died on March 25, 1998.

I think Gerard H. Lagasse never got married so no one is looking for him.

No one except myself…


19 thoughts on “Denis Lagasser

  1. I believe that the transcriber made a mistake on the 1920 Census. After enlarging the image it’s obvious that the descender from the above surname (line 88) crosses over the surname below (line 89). If you look closely it is not a k it is a b so the name was actually recorded correctly “Dube Lavinia” on the line below “Lagasser Denis” (the enumerator might have misheard or misspelled the surname). I’m sure you noted on line 95 “Lagassey Dennis Jr” and family following below.
    Then there’s this (Connecticut, Deaths and Burials, 1772-1934 for Malvina Lagasse Dube with Joseph as spouse) and this
    If you can get an image of the 1910 census take a good look (enlarged) at the handwriting on the whole page. There might be something on the 1900 Census as Joseph (the younger) was born about 1899. Do check and, it’s amazing what will turn up.
    I don’t try to control my genealogy addiction, it’s not fattening, doesn’t hurt others, keeps me out of trouble and is fascinating.

    • I know that Aquila.

      When you search for these people you know the transcriber did not decipher those names correctly.

      The problem lays with the person who transcribed the pages.

      Someone once told me that the mormons had trained Chinese to index some of the registers.

      I know this person did not say that without any good knowledge. I trusted him 100%. He was very knowledgeable about genealogy in the 60s, 70s…

      I met him on the Internet in 2008 when I started. He was sort of a mentor.

    • I had seen all these before. This is why I know so much about these people.

      I am just waiting for someone to get all excited about the Dubés like Patricia is about the Malloys.

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