Dennis Lagasse III

I think I take genealogy and our ancestors too seriously. Sometimes my posts are long and confusing.

This is Dennis Lagasse IV’s great-grandfather. He’s the man under the hat stuck on branches. Dennis III is also my granduncle since he was the brother of my other granduncle Adelord and of my grandfather Philip Lagasse from Canada.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sonsDennis Lagasse III is seen with four of his sons: Napoleon Levi (Dennis IV’s grandfather), Harvey, Victor, and Joseph on the extreme right.

The young man between Joseph Lagasse and Victor Lagasse has yet to be identified.

Dennis Lagasse III is the son of Dennis Lagasse II who was the son of Dennis Lagasse I.

All these Dennises were in fact Stanislases. All except Dennis IV who knew very little about family tree back in 2011.

Pierre I can’t thank you enough for everything you’re doing, I really was lost when it came to family history. I saw photos when I was young and didn’t know much more than we came from Bristol CT. I heard once or twice about a Dennis before me that was killed at work in the 1920s but that was all I thought there was. To put names on the strangers smiling faces in the old photos gives me a sense of belonging that I’ve never felt before. I knew there had to be than just “here I am”, now I have “where I’m from” thanks to you.

Dennis Lagasse III left this world on October 21, 1922.

cemeteryStanislas Lagasse


This obituary became a kind of Rosetta stone to look for all of Dennis III’s descendants.

I knew all about Dennis Lagasse III before Dennis Lagasse IV his great-grandson contacted me back in 2011. Dennis Lagasse III was just a name and a man in a family picture sent by someone in 2009 who never stayed in touch.

Stanislas 1864

Together Dennis IV and I brought Dennis III to life again on this blog with dozen and dozen of photos. We are just waiting for someone to join in our search for unidentified ancestors.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Just waiting…

Dennis Lagasse IV in Connecticut, and Pierre in Quebec, Canada.

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I think Dennis and I take genealogy and our ancestors too seriously.