How I Got Addicted to Genealogy

People who read this blog know that I am French-Canadian. They also know this blog is only the tip of the iceberg. I have several and some are written in French.

Our Ancestors is the English version of my blog Nos ancêtres that I started back in January 2008.

This is what started this whole obsession with dead people…

Édouard Métayer

Édouard Métayer is one of my eight great-grandfathers. He was the father of my grandmother Juliette Métayer. She is the little girl in front beside her brother Paul.

1914 enfants métayerBack in 2007 I knew almost nothing about my roots, but I had this vision of a picture resting on a dresser in a run-down apartment on Mentana Street in Montreal back in the 1950s.

Little did I know back in 2007 that my grandfather had been rich and lost everything  to gambling twice!

This vision was my great-grandfather Édouard Métayer. My grandmother Juliette had told me when I was young that her father had died in 1928 while he was responding to a fire alarm.

He was just a few months from retiring.

I am a retired teacher. I retired back in 2004 and I had some free time on my hands…

Well not quite since I went back to study translation at the university. Full-time and enduring traffic jams back and forth for 10 months. I still translate things, the latest one was a book about baby purees.


I am now a grandfather with two adorable grandchildren, a boy and a girl.

You won’t see their pictures on this blog.

Nothing personal…

I never put personal information on this blog when I write about your ancestors’ descendants or mine. This is why Dennis Lagasse IV was trusting me enough to share more than 100 pictures and why a whole lot of people did the same since 2009 when I started this English version of Nos ancêtres.

So feel free to share old pictures so I can share them with people who just like Harold wrote comments on my blog.

You never know what we can find together.

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