I Understand

I understand Harold is trying to navigate through all the information he now has about his ancestors.

I am in no hurry.

Little Marie is in no hurry also.

picture from Dennis 2

Nor is her grandfather Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé born on August 9th, 1842. Nor is the little boy with Marie.

That little boy is her brother Harvey.

Someone contacted me a year or so ago. Little Harvey was in fact known to her as Big Harvey, Harvey William Lagasse Senior.

Harvey William LagasseThat reader helped me find more information about him and his descendants.

She was related to Harvey William LaGassey Junior.

Harvey William LaGassey Junior

Here are Big Harvey and his wife Mae.

Harvey Lagasse and Mae

I had a lot of problem finding her maiden name. Nothing on the Internet.

My reader knew… and she had this picture I have never posted before.

Mae Cox

Mae Cox!

Click here for more on Mae…