Have a Nice Day Harold…

Type Clair Perrin Roys on Google…

This is what you will get. 

At least on google.ca…

This is how I work… putting people names on the Internet so people related to them will contact me.

No money involved, no donation.

Just pure free pleasure and joy of finding your roots and if you are lucky pictures of your ancestors…

Maybe Harold has some on this picture.

Dennis II and Dennis III So many unidentified people…

This is the post Harold found. 

Now I understand why he wrote this…

No sir I was still trying to navigate what you sent me.  Thank you  by the way.


5 thoughts on “Have a Nice Day Harold…

    • I hope he can add more information about Marie Lagasse since she was his grandmother.
      Now he has pictures to treasure forever.

      • I’m sure that means the world to him – isn’t that pretty much what you and I are trying to do here? We started out with one purpose and it has grown like a nurtured child.

      • I could not have said this any better…
        I have a gold mine of information about these Lagasses… French-Canadians that emigrated to the U.S. in 1889. Stanislas Lagacé and Henriette Alexandre had 13 children.
        Anthony Lagasse 1863 – 1934
        Dennis Lagassey III 1864 – 1922
        Marguerite Lagacé 1868 –
        David Lagacé 1869 – 1873
        Angélique Lagacé 1871 – 1872
        Jean-Baptiste Lagacé 1872 – 1876
        Lillie Lagasse 1875 –
        Malvina Lagasse 1877 – 1930
        Adélard Lagacé 1879 – 1959
        Odila Lagacé 1882 – 1882
        Joseph Aldéï Lagacé 1883 – 1897
        Anonyme Lagacé 1886 – 1886
        Léo Lagacé 1888 – 1964 (my grandfather)

        The amount of information I have collected is staggering.

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