The Jackpot

Harold hit the jackpot with this comment sent Saturday night…

Hello my name is Harold Roys Jr. My father Harold Sr died dec 25 1983… I know his mother’s name was Marie Lagasse, but know very little about his family.

This is Rose Elmira Lagasse or “Marie” as a little girl.

She’s Harold Jr’s grandmother.

picture from Dennis 2

Harold knows very little.

I know a whole lot…

This is Marie again on the porch. She’s on the left. Her father Dennis Lagasse III is beside her. Her mother Amanda Ménard is on the right.

All of Marie’s siblings are in front.

I know all about them.

picture from Dennis 1.1Jackpot!

4 thoughts on “The Jackpot

    • I just hope I don’t scare him away…
      This search for that branch of Lagasses started in 2010.
      Sometimes people don’t understand how I came to find that much.
      I know you understand how I work.

      Marie Rose Elmira is the woman who makes believe she is driving the car…

      The two older women could be Dubés or Malvina and Lillie Lagasse, but I did not get much information from readers who once wrote comments.

    • The problem with my blog is that there are so many gifts to open up.
      Now Harold has so many pictures to look at and so many links to the past that it must be staggering at first.

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